How to find file on my disks fast and easy?
Get the full catalog of your music, movies, picture, data collection with just ONE TOOL!
How to make my disk collection catalog easy?

Disk Inspector User Interface

Main Window

Click on the GUI's element to find more about it.


Main Toolbar


Create new catalog. This command only clears workspace for new catalog. The name for catalog  will be assigned during saving.

Open catalog. Opens existing catalog.

Save catalog. Saves current catalog to disk.

Create report. Opens "Create report..." window.

Scan new disk/ Update disk.  Adds new volume (disk or folder) to current catalog or updates it if volume already exist in catalog.

Update disk. This command updates currently selected volume content with saving entered comments for the corresponding elements.

Add thumbnail. Adds/updates thumbnail for the selected volume, folder or picture. Function of this button depends from the type of selected item. The Program adds or updates thumbnail and additional information (picture width, height, color information and EXIF if possible) if graphics file is selected. For the folders and volumes the "Add thumbnail" window will open. Thumbnail can be created from the any picture loaded from disk or received from the online movies database (IMDB.COM)

Delete item. Removes the selected item (volume, folder of file) from current catalog.

Level up. Up one level.

Find. Opens "Search" window.

Find duplicates. Opens "Search for duplicates" window

Item information. Opens window with information about selected item.

Volume information. Opens window with information about selected volume.

Catalog information. Opens window with summary information about entire catalog.

File information panel. Shows/hides panel with extended information about currently selected  item.

Options. Shows the "Setup options" window.

Tree window

You can browsing inside catalogs by following ways: by folders and by categories

Folders mode

Categories mode

In folders mode tree window looks like standard Explorer folders tree window. Every item presents cataloged volume or folder. When item selected on the Files Window shows their content.

In categories  mode tree window contain categories defined for this catalog or predefined. Category - this is named group of file extensions (on the picture you can see "Graphics Files" category opened)

Files window

Files window looks like a standard explorer" File list" window and shows content of selected folder.


File Information panel

The File information panel contain extended information about selected item. Information content very depends from type of file.