How to find file on my disks fast and easy?
Get the full catalog of your music, movies, picture, data collection with just ONE TOOL!
How to make my disk collection catalog easy?

Quick start:  Photos and pictures collection.

This tutorial contain step-by-step instruction how to you can catalogs your disks with movies (DVD, DIVX, MPEG)   quick and easy.

1. Start Disk Inspector.

2. Press "Scan new disk" on toolbar


3. Select drive or folder to cataloging.

4.Select preset "Video collection".

5 Mark "Retrieve IMDB info after scanning" if you want to get the movie cover and informatiom from

6. Press "Scan it!" for adding one disk or press "Batch Scan" for adding some disks.


7. Wait for scan process finished.

9. Enter name for added volume if necessary.

10. Change IMDB search string if necessary.

11. Select movie name from results list.

12. Save search results, pressing "OK"

10. Start enjoy!

You can search for pictures using video params in search string i.e.
"width=320","height=250", etc.