How to find file on my disks fast and easy?
Get the full catalog of your music, movies, picture, data collection with just ONE TOOL!
How to make my disk collection catalog easy?

Disk Inspector features

Familiar Explorer-like interface combined with the file information panel makes Disk Inspector easy-to-use for beginners and advanced users.

Smart presets system used . Predefined presets for various collections.
Ready-to-use presets included in Disk Inspector for comfortable adding volumes to the collections. You only need select the preset before adding disk and all necessary information have been saved to the catalog.

Advanced scanning engine response more than 80 popular file types. Handles archives as folders. Imports thumbnails and EXIF information from photos and pictures. Extracts artist, album and other info from audio files. Extracts width, height, compression information from video files.  Retrieves album information from online music database (FREECDDB). Downloads covers and the movie information from online movie database (

Powerful search  with the duplicates search function. Flexible and fast search by descriptions and file key parameters i.e. width, height  for pictures, EXIF info for photos, Artist, Album , length for audios ,Title, Subject, Author for documents, etc.

Handy and stylish reports. Template-based reports for various collections (Movies, MP3, Audio-CD ,etc.) with powerful filtering functions.

Report examples: Photo collectionMP3 collection

Ready-to-use categories tree.  Program includes categories list for quick preview collection content by file types sorted by volumes

and much more useful functions...