Zip-Gee Technologies is a privately held software development company. Founded October 1, 2001, Zip-Gee Technologies is focused on the development, marketing, and support of leading graphics, multimedia and compression software in a variety of categories. Zip-Gee Technologies was developed with the consumer in mind. Our goal is to deliver innovative, easy-to-use technology at minimal to the consumer.
Zip-Gee’s innovative software applications are feature rich, and designed with power and functionality in mind. If you are looking for innovative applications that enhance the way you live and work, Zip-Gee has the tools to keep you competitive well into the next millennium.

Our Mission

It is our belief that all software should completely accommodate the user. If users find software that is easy and natural to use, they will be more productive. We also believe software should be designed and built for simplicity, flexibility, and scalability in mind. We accomplish all of this with ingenuity, solid design, and experience. Quality and service are our top priority at Zip-Gee Technologies.